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Translations of documents from various fields: legal translations, diplomacy and public services, politics, EU related, business English, social science, arts and literature, music, media.

Sworn translations for various certificates (birth, marriage, divorce), affidavits, official extracts, school certificates, university diplomas, commercial documents, contracts and other legal documents (i.e. powers of attorney, judicial resolutions, certificates of no impediment, expert opinions, final accounts, patents and trade marks, financial reports, police records, immigration and naturalization papers, recommendation letters, protocols, informed consents, notarial deeds, real estate deeds etc.). Websites. Proofreading in Czech.


How does a sworn translation look like?

The sworn translation is permanently bound with the original document and bears an official translator's stamp. If you do not mind having your Birth Certificate attached to its Czech translation, your original document may be used. In other case, it is necessary to make a notarized copy of the original document. In case you want to use a notarized copy of the document in question and do not feel like looking for a notary public (either in your country of residence or the Czech Republic), you may deliver your original documents to me and I will have them notarized for you before I translate them.

In case you request translation of substantial documents and/or provide short deadlines, I cooperate with other excellent English translators. Your translations to English are always proofread by a native English speaker.


How to deliver your documents?

In case of regular translations, you may email them. Translations which need to be certified can be either brought to the above address or sent via mail.

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